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FatQ patchwork fabric for good for projects children and childish souls. Use the items to make patchwork rugs for the bed or fruit bags for the nursery. Only the imagination sets limits when it comes to sewing things and things for the little ones.

Patchwork is a technique where you use small pieces of fabric to make something bigger. For example, a patchwork rug, wall decoration, pillows in delicious patchwork patterns, patchwork bags and much more.

Use everything from whole fabrics to fatQuarters, charmpacks, layercakes and more.

If you want to buy fabric for patchwork, you can always find good offers in my large selection. I have a lot of varieties in colors and shapes that are suitable for patchwork, rugs, interiors, children's clothing and more. All patchwork fabric is made of 100% cotton.

With this type of needlework, things are often done such as. animals, goblins, bookshelves, flowers yes only the imagination sets limits. Motifs and fabrics are especially suitable for projects for children and for making WITH children. There is a lot of very different patchwork fabric, where there are good opportunities to achieve beautiful and inspiring results. Remember to calculate how much you will need for your next patchwork project

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